Arthur C Clarke, author of "2001, a space Odysey"
(made into a classic sci-fi film by Stanley Kubrick).
was recently tried by an English tabloid for paedophilia.
He responded with something like: "Sure, I had sex with some young boys". 
Or such is the urban myth. Anyone knowing more please email me.

What is striking is how a man can lose trust from the public so easily. 
To read mind-trips such as 2001 you've got to trust the author
to be of good intention, otherwise it is just a mind-fuck-(up).

To accuse the same man of paedophilia is to distrust him.
The media of course did not have the intelligence, impartiality, or courage
to ask if he *fucked* these boys.
Do they distinguish between loving and fucking?
A look at page three of the tabloids suggests they do not.

It is not sex with a person below a biological age that is unethical.
It is sex with foul intent that is dangerous.
Even consent is not a clear-cut issue.

A documentary called Jabiluka
(about the Australian government fucking aborigines and the land)
reports that constant badgering of an indegenous land-owner to 
sign over land for uranium mining in Kakadu National Park
led to him finally saying at a public meeting something like
"I'm too tired to resist any longer".
This was all the legal "consent" the mining company and government needed.

When a 30 year-old has sex with an 18 year old there is often "consent"
but the 30 year-old has so much more experience with which 
to manipulate and psychologically fuck over the younger mind.
The younger *mind* need not be the younger *person*.
(Witness Lolita - another Kubrick film :).

Haven't *you* been fucked over at some point in your life?

An agent of the Undesirable Propagation Unit