SHORT CIRCUIT is modular Tribal to Space Age percussion and dance. 

The core is three percussionists and two dancers, 
whose music is the joyous and funky, authentic rhythms of the peoples of 
West Africa and the Middle East, played on traditional instruments.

'Modular' because... space, program and budget permitting, 
the line-up can consist of two dancers, or, just one dancer, 
as well as a didjeridoo player, and/or 'noise-smiths' with 
a host of synthesizers, drum machines and sound FX at their fingertips.

'Tribal'  because the rhythms they play are traditional, age-old rhythms, 
and because their costumes draw on shapes, ideas and styles of 
tribal peoples of various origins.  
Accompanying the music is dance by Shonah...lively leaping, 
twirling and shaking in an Afro/contemporary style, 
AND/OR by Tanya who moves with grace and sinuosity in the bellydance 
and classical Indian traditions.

'Space Age'  because the costumes, while drawing on traditional tribal styles 
are fully fluoro and reflective 21st century cyber fabrics.
In their sound, the traditional, earthy drums can be overlaid with 
the latest in hi-tech sound effects, or, alternatively, 
can be underlaid with thorax-thumping techno 'doof'.

In its brief life so far SHORT CIRCUIT has performed in its various modules 

RMIT Orientation Week
The Punters Club 
QUINTESSENCE techno nite
LOOP techno nite
CERES benefit concert Brunswick Town Hall
World Music Percussion Jam, Stage Bar, Fitzroy
and several private parties and traditional Muslim weddings. 

Also check the official Short-Circuit Web Site.