Phil Brophy was founder of legendry "FastForward" Cassette 'zine 
in Melbourne post-punk scene. 

Also co-hosted Notorious Melbourne's 3RRR Radio show "Eeek!" 
with BruceMilne (AuGoGo Records)
Eeek! had the highest number of subscribers on 3RRR
but was unpopular amongst the "politically correct".
All of this was before the existence of
Polyester Books, Brunswick St Fitzroy, Melbourne...
Polyester being a very Eeeky place.


Directed and scripted two films: "Salt, Saliva, Sweat, Sperm" and "Body Melt"


Soundtracks for his films.
Also soundtrack for "Only The Brave"

Founder of TchTchTch Guested in EssendonAirport with David Chesworth. 
(both CliftonHillCommunityCentre acts)
Currently playing with Philip Samartzis as PH2.


Now lecturing at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Media Arts
which is where you will find his home page.


Chronicled for the Undesirable Propagation Unit.