Phone: 0411 55 0729 on Saturday for the location.

Dress warm (altho we will have at least one fire).
BYO subtances.

Warning to Doof-heads: there will be no sub-bass-woofers.
Sub bass is low notes you feel but cannot hear.
We can easily crank it for the doof - ie hearing-damage mode.
There will be several guitar and bass amps of about 120 Watts each.
120 Watts is half the loudness of 1200 Watts -
Yes, a ten-fold increase in power only doubles the volume!
Hence the term dB... a logarithmic scale. But now I'm nerding... ;)

For instance, ClassWar woulda had 1200 Watts at the most.

> If you made it to the LisaFutuRelic farewell gig last month
> you may have been as inspired as
> agents Jamie, Mitch, Joe who are putting on a similar event 
> at the same CollingWood amaaaazzing venue *THIS*SATURDAY*NIGHT*
> Again it is FREE.
> 9:30pm   it begins with drones and textures
>          VERY gradually picking up pace until about
> midnight by which time there will be danceable rhythms.
> 1am      will definitely be full-on techno.
> The whole night will be a hybrid of instruments and styles as
> you may have experienced in our previous sorties: 
> Drum machines and sequencers will be avoided in an attempt to promote
> the hybridisation of ppl & 'chines.
> Know some (good) hand-drummers? 
> Invite them to join the crew that will be there. Never too many.
> And there is plenty of industrial shit to tap and bang on.
> A fire will keep you warm (until the dancing warms you up :)
> and lotsa cushioned lounging will be available for the lizards.
> BYO water, chocolate, illegal-drugs, fire-arms, thermo-nuclear devices.


Transcribed for the Undesirable Propagation Unit.