Friday 11 June        Saturday 12 June          Sunday 13 June
5:00pm  Artist Talk           Artist Talk               Artist Talk
        Philip Brophy         Bernard Parmegiani        Cecile Le Prado
        Re: Dolby in Cinema   Re: 100 speaker 3d sound  Re: 3d Asthetics

7:00pm  Realm of Senses       Space Journeys            Lost Voyages

8:30pm  Lost Voyages          Realm Of Senses           Space Journeys

Cinemedia at Treasury Theatre (formerly State Film Theatre) 
Lower Plaza, 1 Macarthur Street, East Melbourne 3002

   5pm Artist Talks: *FREE*
Each 1 Hour Session: $12 full, $10 concession/Experimenta members.
      Season Ticket: $30 full, $25 concession/Experimenta members.
Tickets available only from the box office during the festival.

Immersion contains no images or moving imagery. 
The focus is purely on the sensory and tactile sensations of 
sound moving through a cinematic space.
It is mastered onto 35mm Dolby Digital and decoded into 5.1 channels.
=UPU= Reviews the whole experience as... err... dodgey.


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