"PlayHaus" CONFEST PROPOSAL Easter 99 (accepted by DTE)

"If I come across one more fucking healer, I think I'm gonna throw up!"

                         -- a DTE Director @Summer ConFest 98/99

Let's Lighten Up!
It is understandable that a cynicism of NeWage has developed around ConFest.
We do not want to encourage more self-appointed shamans/psychologists messing 
with impressionable young trippers' minds with "Toxic Shame" workshops
for example.

On the other hand, instead of a temporary/transient society resulting in 
a loosening of inhibitions (as is often found amongst travellers) 
there is a danger of 90's political correctness overshooting the mark and 
stifling pure fun.

We need more energy along the lines of LesSpenser's Flirting workshops or
Peter Gleeson's Spontaneous Choir. We need more play. We need a PlayHaus.

And PlayHaus needs a budget.


Nurtured by the Undesirable Propagation Unit.