WARNING: The BLTC mail list accidently thought the below refers to 2003.
It is actually from a few years ago.
So do not expect RTS on Sat June 19 2003.

Reclaim The Streets is on Saturday June 19 in Melbourne. 
(Perhaps on June18 or June 20 in Sydney/Bris, Check the above URL)
This is the fourth Melbourne RTS and the first one on a Saturday and
the first one in the heart of the city.
(The RatLab did the 2nd one when they blocked Brunswick St)
The local politics of the event are rather interesting.

Two stages. 1kW Rock 2kW Techno. That's LOUD!
Meet at FlindersStStation 1pm.
Festivities will go at least until 10pm.
DJ lineup: God + God + God :)
Bands include Ping + Sek

But seriously folks, RichieRich & NickDemQ will provide some straighter sounds
at RTS for once (entice the Saturday night passers by? Hope so).
DJ Toupee will as usual respect the tastes of the audience.
The obligatory trance etc will not be neglected by MattFlynn and others.

=UPU= will be running an "anti net-censorship" stall 
so come and sign the petition, pick up some pamphlets to pass on to friends.
Also the next Hybrid instalment will be
jamming along to the nearby techno beats from the main stage.


Claimed by the Undesirable Propagation Unit.