"If this technology is not ordered to something greater than a merely utilitarian end, then it could soon prove inhuman and even become a potential destroyer of the human race."

- The Pope (would you believe?!)

Hybrid began as a crew of ex ClanAnalogue members who departed that electronic collective in order to pursue outdoor events promoting a sense of community. We remove any "stage" constructs and we incorporate as many musicians (and non-musicians) present as we can. The result is an improvised jam that *includes* accoustic musicians.

We incorporate all technology without bias (from fire to wood to wire and electronics) to create the Hybrid environment... literally constructed from the ground up.

Respect to:

Confest regular Andrew Hollo and his long-running radio-show called Hybrid on 3PBS Melbourne. Last time Andrew was a guest at ConFest in his usual Sunday night timeslot; Hybrid @Hybrid @ConFest ;)

Donna J. "I would rather be a than a goddess" Haraway, Professor of History of Consciousness, Humanities Division, University of California, Santa Cruz. Author of The Cyborg Manifesto which turns the cyborg from an icon of Cold War power into a symbol of feminist liberation. Interviewed in Wired: 5.02

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