Sexual relations with the dead changed the depressing trend of my life
and I think now is the time to make known to the world the fantastic joy
people can enjoy if only they dare.

Though I came to be a necrophiliac at a point of weakness,
I feel there are strong reasons why everyone should seek out
the ecstatic pleasures I have found in my dealings with 
those that have passed away.

Don't get me wrong.
Often relations that began sexually blossomed into something more.

My madness, as some call it, has given me the happiest moments of my life.

Be this all a dream - the dead are the awakened!
In the old days in our small den we would sit and discuss the problem
of partner scarcity in terms of necromancy.
But necrophilia is growing rapidly and corpse copping is easier.

Here in London some serious organising needs to be done.
The bookstores in Soho have almost nothing on necrophilia.
I had to tell one owner what it was!

"Dig the Struggle!"


Based on article by Michael ("body-snatcher") Sidney
originally for the 60's infamous Oz Magazine.
(UPU thanks its source: CROSS fanzine, Melbourne,
 which in turn reprinted from SCREW 'zine)

HTML'ised and expanded on by the Undesirable Propagation Unit.