In consideraion of the services to be rendered to Label by MDS, 
MDS shall be entitled to the following applicable fees 
(herinafter referred to as "Applicable Fees") 
which MDS shall be entitled to retain from all monies received by MDS 
in respect of Records sold hereunder:

a) 25% percent [sic] of the Wholesale Price on one [sic] 100% of paid sales 
   of Records sold by MDS to Customers intended for retail sale
   in Australia.

b) 20% percent [sic] of actual export selling price on 100% of paid sales 
   of Records sold to Customers in Account intended for export 
   outside of Account.

c) Such other monies as are defined as "Applicable Fees" in the Agreement.

If MDS has not received payment in full for all Applicable Fees 
in relation to a particular Record within a period of 9 months following 
the date of its inital release then such fees shall be 
immediately payable by Label to MDS in full.