I have problems talking because...

* What is all this blubbering anyway?
* What is meaning? 
* What is the thing (usually called "me") doing the blubbering?  

Even more incapacitating, is the problem of not knowing, 
not *who* I am, but *what* I am; 
indeed, what an *I* is.  
This struck me most poignantly when I was reflecting on 
Descarte's famous statement:

           "I think, therefore I am."  

O.K. so I exist to some extent
but (to get to the point)...

What is assumed in the idea of an "I"? 

It seems that the statement is only so popular because it boosts,
or supports, our egos.
So what is the thing that has the ego?

                 "Thought, therefore being"

...could never have been such a catch phrase.

Would "I" have been a different thing/person in another culture?
So what constitutes "me"?

Has anyone gone through this problem of hyper-awareness?


Jenni Dean

Lifted without permission from the alt.consciousness newsgroup a while back
and hyper-text converted by Zlatko for the Undesirable Propagation Unit.