Thursday 21st June 1998 there is a coincidental Clan Analogue convergence
at Psycorroboree.

WD40 and Greg Bean are scheduled for the Chill Room
while DoSE are playing "unplugged" in the ultra chill room.

When I say "unplugged", I should perhaps say unwired since DoSE
will not be accompanied by their usual three computer friends
(Deviant, NewMind, and Minerva) for their usual perverted doof.
Instead they will have a synthesiser each with which to make the most
subliminal ambience you have probably heard(not) in Melbourne.
It is somewhat of a social experiment.

This week there will be ConFest-like discussion in the "Quiet" room
as well as Tai Chi and meditation. DoSE member Mr Squiggle will
conduct QuietSpace workshops as per ConFest.

After all of that, DoSE will keep an "ear" on proceedings 
playing at almost inaudible levels
singling out loud or disruptive punters who enter the room
by mimicking their disturbances with squeals and what-have-you,
raising the volume as necessary.
They will be aided by a lighting technician and a roving fellow-nutter
in their mind-games.

PsyCorroboree is a very loose Collective that often guests at
large raves and runs this semi-regular roving monthly club
which is currently stable at "The Cage"
(formerly "Sadies" - original home of Teriyaki Anraki Saki).
Located above Charlton's Pool hall (look for the tuxedo'd shark)
in Coverlid Place. Which is an alleyway off Chinatown (Little Bourke)
almost behind the Bourke St Hoyts.

$4 gets you in. 
It is always well attended (100's of ppl) until dawn (50 ppl) -
they put a lot of work in for the small admission fee
and have an admirable policy of minimal fliers (A6 B&W photocopies to friends)
and relying heavily on interested parties calling their recorded message bank.

_______________________ an agent of the Undesirable Propagation Unit.