Mind-reading may not be as difficult as it seems.
We ordinarily don't allow enough silence for the natural process to occur.
People often feel uncomfortable in social situations of quietness.
Perhaps they break the silence out of fear their thoughts are being read
(not necessarily by others; most of us are uncomfortable with OUR OWN 
thoughts! This is what makes meditation so difficult).

By speaking one creates and imposes a reality upon others;
a consensual reality rather than a personal one.
Mind reading cannot be confirmed - those needing reassurance need not apply.
(Scientists manifest realities - they work magic under a different name).

The workshops will be held at dusk and conducted (of course) in silence.
After allowing a few moments to "get aquainted"
we will be arranged in two rows, facing each other.
A bell will be rung for rotation every few minutes.

After this communication with eyes, a similar scheme will be enacted -
this time with eyes closed: hands will be held up and palms touching
those of the person opposite. One of the two rows will not know whose
hands they are making contact with.
Again: no confirmation of communication. Intuition rules.

After all of this, darkness will have fallen and sitting around a campfire
will hopefully be communication enough.


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