The Old Herald-Sun newspaper manufacturing plant has been gutted.
It will probably be turned into into yuppie apartments,
but for now the NationalTrust has registered it
(PranksterDanielle Cheriff will be amused).
Magnificent accoustics since the whole thing is built of 
solid concrete (fire-prevention, they handled much much paper).
My friend walked around singing out of sight so that all I could
hear were the reverberations of eerie lullabies.
We could have sworn that we later heard ghostly echoes of the same.

Make sure you get right to the rooftop.
You gotta look carefully for the flights of stairs
(and navigate them slowly coz they are dark).
Ample light streams through the windowed outer walls
so that it is not necessary to bring a torch for the most part

Each storey is high ceilinged.
Once you get to the upper (3rd/4th?) storey you can look down into
a dark "internal" alleyway/chasm at the end of which was a single
intermittently flashing distant red light. 100% Bladerunner.


You must be quite careful *ESPECIALLY* on the ground/mezzanine
to not step into some of the gaping holes in 
the otherwise solid concrete floors.
We spent a couple of hours there walking around and encountered no
such dangers on the upper floors and have been back many times since
(in good light). Nothing life-threatening (unless you are drunk).

The squeemish need not fear: there are no rats.

If anyone else knows of similar sites, please email 
so that we can all pass the word around.

We've had a BBQ there already on FootballFinalNight
and a free gig was held with signal2noise end of November but 
got closed down by the police. 
Those wishing to check it out solo should note the building
is on the corner of Exhibition St & Flinders St.
Entry to buiding is via a laneway off Exhibition St.
You can either climb over a cyclone fencing driveway gate (our preference)
or squeeze through partially open sliding steel doors -
a bit of a jump (2 metres) down into the basement from that doorway.