20150927 ADD Two videos of Stapestry project
20110830 ADD UnionJagger - complete version of SexPistols_vs_CherLloyd (for download also)
20110819 ADD UnionJagger - a short but coherent version of SexPistols_vs_CherLloyd (to home page player only)
20110811 ADD SexPistols_vs_CherLloyd draft to home page player (only)
20110727 Revamped web site with menu bar
20110720 ADD Koop_vs_SeelenLuft
20110701 ADD ClaveCleave (Remix of Miles Davis' Spanish Key)
20110321 ADD YouTube link to new Kraftwerk remix video
20100523 ADD Meggs' Mr Squiggle Graffiti (from St Ali) as banner
20090425 ADD New_Order_vs_Tom_Tom_Club
20090425 ADD release date(year) to all source track listings
20081021 ADD Radio & Chat Room
20071116 UPDATE PoliFoNix v1.2 Leonard_Cohen_vs_Byrds_vs_Jefferson_Airplane_vs_Neil_Young
20071105 UPDATE PoliFoNix v1.1
20071103 ADD PoliFoNix v1.0 (stream only)
20070718 ADD TMG vs Kylie image mashup
20070718 UPDATE: Bowie_vs_3EB (v1.1)
20070705 Revamped the look of this page
20070705 All source tracks streaming
20070625 Bowie_vs_3EB (v1.0) downloadable
20070601 ADD Bowie_vs_3EB (draft) as track 14 in stream
20070500 ADD streaming player
20070125 ADD TMG_vs_Kylie_vs_Gangajang_vs_JPY
20060301 ADD LoFiPsyFly source tracks downloadable

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