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The following MP3 files of DeepLab AudioScapes was uploaded and updated October 2006. The MP3 is available here for free download without the tacky ads, annoying pop-ups, and tedious forms you have to fill at commercial mp3 sites.

DeepLab are a three-piece band from Zurich, Switzerland, that were on (in the days before became grossly commerical and unethical and pissed off their artists). There is harldy a trace of them on the net now. If anybody knows them please send email to j o @ k o a n . n e t

Back on they shared a link with my band signal2noise.


More easy downloads available at

Streaming or Downloading?

If you left click you will receive a "stream" which means you hear the track almost immediately if you have a broadband connection. However if you only have a dial-up connection, right click instead.

Right clicking brings up a menu where you can save the track to your hard disc first and play it later whenever you feel like it (even when you are not on the internet). ________________________________________________________
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