PolyAmory in Popular Culture

The tracks you can listen to here all deal with the topic of Polyamory.

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1967 LEONARD COHEN Opens in new window Sisters of Mercy
1967 THE BYRDS Opens in new window Triad
1967 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE Opens in new window Triad
1974 JONI MITCHELL Opens in new window Cactus Tree
1974 NEIL YOUNG Opens in new window Love is a Rose
1984 KING CRIMSON Opens in new window Man With an Open Heart
1985 STING Opens in new window If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
1988 DEVO Opens in new window Happy Guy
1988 ERASURE Opens in new window Chains of Love
1990 SISTERS OF MERCY Opens in new window More
1990 JANE'S ADDICTION Opens in new window Three Days
1991 MORRISSEY Opens in new window My Love Life
1992 PJ HARVEY Opens in new window Oh My Lover

Only streams are available here (rather than downloads) for copyright reasons.
More DJ sqgl mixes (downloads & streams) available at http://jo.koan.net/DJsqgl


Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" Opens in new window describes a fictitious poly community calling itself the Church of All Worlds Opens in new window which became semi-reality, inspiring the naming of the first legally recognised pagan religion in USA and Australia.

Downloadable for free (Right-Click and "Save As...") Password for zip files is sqgl

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DJ sqgl hangs out in these PolyAmory communities:
virtually in this international chat room (good free Windoze IRC software is here)
and physically in this Australian community.

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