From a corporate web site, CBS: New Window
The word for happiness is cognated with luck. So 'happ' is the root of happiness, happenstance, perhaps, what happens to you

From a religious man, a Rabbi: New Window
Happiness is what emerges after we have risen above negative happenstances of our own past, our own regrets for our own misjudgments and envy at the good happenstance of others.

From an Assistant Professor of Philosophy: New Window
"Happiness" and "happenstance" share the same key root: "hap," which indicates chance, fortune, and luck. The very word tells us not to trust it, tells us that we cannot control happiness, cannot rationalize it and domesticate it. Sometimes it will simply pick up and leave, though we always think we make such a lovely couple.

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In 1994, The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a paper called The self-comparison process and self-discrepant feedback: consequences of learning you are what you thought you were not showing that when people get feedback that they believe is overly positive, they actually feel worse, not better.

In 2009, a study called Positive Self-Statements: Power for some, peril for others" published in the journal Psychological Science says trying to get people to think more positively can actually have the opposite effect.

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From The Onion - a satire site: New Window
According to incredulous sources, local hardware store employee and grown adult human being Rob Peterson, 37, actually expects to be happy in life... The baffling man has also reportedly read a newspaper before, interacted with coworkers, knows how economies and political systems work, and is undergoing the process of aging, yet has made no effort to revise his original assumption.

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