Free MP3's For Download

The following tracks from the LoFiPsyFly CD have been uploaded and updated May 2004. The MP3's are available here for free download without the tacky ads, annoying pop-ups, and tedious forms you have to fill at commercial mp3 sites. More easy downloads available at


Streaming or Downloading?

If you left click you will receive a "stream" which means you hear the track almost immediately if you have a broadband connection. However if you only have a dial-up connection, right click instead.

Right clicking brings up a menu where you can save the track to your hard disc first and play it later whenever you feel like it (even when you are not on the internet).

"Taxi! Thongsala!" samples given by THONGSALAD SOUNDSYSTEM to DJ EXANIMO for his cruisy trance 12" vinyl release. An extract is available on the Medijum Records web site for streaming.

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