NSW Trustee Being Sued

Published by ABC, 25th September, 2019.
Son claims his 93yo mother was duped into changing her will by the Public Trustee
to make them her executor
so that they can charge $24k for their "service"
even though private trustees have their fees capped at $5,636.

NSW Corruption

Several cases of financial abuse of clients.
Also an excellent source for understanding
why the Trustee/Guardianship system is flawed and open to abuse
and why state politicians (nationwide) fail to act.

NSW Client Dies in Squalor

Published by Fairfax, 29th January 2019.
Trustee controlled the finances of a mentally ill pensioner
but neglect to release funds to maintain his home
the condition of which probably contributed to his death.
Then they had the gall to charge fees after that.

NSW Guardianship Travesty

Report on NINE TV Network published April 2013.
Unfortunately identities of "protected persons" were accidentally illegally
revealed by A Current Affair rather than using blurred faces and aliases.
Rumour has it that the NSW T&G spared ACA litigation as long as
they promised to never criticise them again.
Indeed ACA have not even followed up this story since then
so the rumour sounds plausible.

_NSW Greens Q&A with AG

In 2016 formal questioning of NSWTG mismanagement
results in a run-around by the Attorney-General.
Greens have not followed this up.

Scathing Reviews

91 ProductReview website members have given NSWTG
an average rating of 1.2 stars out of 5.

NSW Activists

Facebook group where you can quiz the community experts,
share horror stories, and support each other's battles.