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Order/times will be posted later.
Check this page for last minute adjustments.
OR phone 0607-9669-0


signal2noise (Oz) LIVE

Green Ant Records. Clan Analogue Records. Improvised composition & manipulations,organic electronica, bent spoken word and Thai music you will never hear on satelite TV or in Karaoki bars.With years of live experience in Australia and now about 250 hours worth of MP3's on hand, flexibility is the key.

Usually working in a four-piece, s2n member Oktalz has spent recent years working with other warped musicians in SE Asia carrying the work of signal2noise to the world. At Paradise he will be joined by Cyril (France) on flute.

Hear the music of signal2noise here

HARDWARE: Athlon 1.2GHz Athlon Notebook PC, WaMi "breakout" box, Archos JukeBox.
SOFTWARE: Traktor, FruityLoops, Rebirth, WaMi FX.

Ara (Germany)

A long term resident of Kunta Beach (next to Haad Rin) and a regular DJ at Paradise, he has amassed an insane collection of burned CD's.

SoulFlip (Singapore) LIVE - UNCONFIRMED

Now setting up a studio on Phangan. Their CD (out on BMG) is a collection of sounds collected throughout SE Asia woven into a grooves that move well beyond the the well-worn "Buddha Bar", "Chilled Ibiza" and instead forging the future of chill.


Michael Congo (Sweden)

Resident mood-meister at the new, classy Anahata Swedish restaurant in Ban Kai, he specialises in a wide variety of dub. And being a serious dub-head he even has his own FX boxes (Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay) and signal generator (made by UK "Disciples" dub crew). His frequent pilgramages to the insanity of London keep him in touch with the scene to share here with you in Phangan's relaxed (and well breathable!) atmosphere.

There is a good chance he will be joined by skilled drummer Mariano.

n.e.o.n. + Satib (Switzerland)

TripHop, Minimal, Electronica. Satib uses a notebook PC and Traktor software for playing MP3's. n.e.o.n. uses CD's.

Double Dragon

Heads the Lee Garden SoundSystem on Ban Kai beach, Koh Phangan for many years. In the words of sqgl: "The most diverse Thai selector I have met in my extensive travels within this country". His skill is in reading and responding to a wide range of audience moods.

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