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Order/times will be posted later.
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DJ Tao Yoshi (Italy)

Many years of experience in all forms of alternative music since 1979 and recently renown for promoting large underground raves (Athanatos Productions) in Italy, Europe and elsewhere in his travels (eg organising this Paradise festival!). His depth of background in techno has seen him work with the likes of Roberto Milani (aka Robert Miles). Like his friend Robert (currently working with Aphex Twin) Tao is gradually moving into production.

He has seen the demise of the vibe within clubs and raves and is now concentrating on outdoor psy-trance events where a relaxed atmosphere can still be found in this crazy world of ours. If you have heard him during his regular Vinyl club gigs (Haad Rin) you will know that he brings into the psy-trance sound his own techno influences along the lines of his friend DJ Kato (Japan).

For future projects of DJ Tao Yoshi keep tuned by clicking here on his Athanatos Productions web page.

TOOLS: CD via Vestax decks+console, Kaos pad.

DJ Ayhan-Ca (Turkey) + DJ Murat (Turkey)

DJ Alon (Israel)

DJ Meerkat (France)

DJ Markus (Germany)

Jum Jam Records.

DJ Sketi (South Africa)

If you heard his 9am morning set at full-moon Haad Rin (Zoom bar) you will know he likes to lift the trance vibe to celebrate the sun

DJ Leong (Thailand)

Integral part of the Deep & Dark Productions crew who were the first to bring Psy-Trance to KohPhangan with their Black Moon Parties on Ban Kai beach. Leong is equally comfortable with CD and vinyl and you won't hear a smoother mix of progressive house and trance on the island and is therfore kept very busy performing during the Phangan party season.


Ex NZ, Now Brixton UK. Although concentrating on Psychedelic trance for this gig, Koru also creates "Tribal Breakbeat, Psychedelic Drum & Bass, T Funk, Ambient Auras". He also uses a notebook PC with Traktor program and WaMi Box. Click here for his web page.

DJ Mark

Having spent quite a few months on the island, Mark's intimate association with the trance scene has inspired him to begin DJ'ing. Trance fans will have heard him at Vinyl club (and associated Ban Kai jungle party).

DJ sqgl (Oz) LIVE

Perpetual traveller using notebook computer to write music and to DJ. He is a world leader in the new state-of-the-art DJ software. He uses samples found in Thailand and mixes them into techno and trance (eg "Taxi! Tongsala!", also Carabao samples, also morlam/Isaan traditional music).

TOOLS: Athlon 1.2GHz CPU. FruityLoops, Rebirth, Rewire, Cubase for writing music. Traktor for realtime DJ mixups and cutups. Live voice and flute through WaMi FX box.

DJ Mark-Adi (Israel)


DJ Moshe (Israel)

DJ Jonah (UK)

Has recently been playing in Bangkok at RCA centre and Cue Bar. Uses a Sony Vaio PIII, 650Mhz, using PC-DJ to cue-up MP3's. In the UK he works with the electronic arts collective called "Area 10" and is currently researching live audience manipulation of music via video cameras connected to computers and software he is writing.

DJ Gigi (Israel)

DJ Alex (Israel)

DJ Psychodeny (Thailand)

DJ Suriya (Thailand)

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