The four elements will be travelled through during the night of the full moon on Friday 23rd, May in the heart of Fitzroy, ending with a fifth element: Spirit.

Each element is be introduced by a 15 minute performance that continues as improvisation within the audience space.

The theme of each current element is carried by sound loops manipulated live through a synthesiser and routed through to individual strategically placed speakers.

Video feeds of dance and music performances are manipulated and redisplayed by MikeE who is also mixing live computer animation on TV stacks (as has been seen on ClanAnalogue nights at Punters Club, Fitzroy. and the Pschoroboree nights at Big Bamboo).

Empty chrysalids hang from the ceiling. You are free to climb into them if you are zen enough for the head trip of being wrapped up at the end of each element to be let out during the Spirit segment at 6am (you can always break free before that if it is doing your head in).

11pm - Introduction

PERFORMANCE: A mandala is created on the dance floor.
             A bedtime story is read to take you through 
             the mythical night.
      MUSIC: Beatless, ambient, nature sounds, manipulated live.
    VISUALS: Mixing of live video of mandala with extra images.

Midnight - Air

PERFORMANCE: Birds/insect dance.
      MUSIC: ClanAnalogue's ambience weirdos signal2noise and flautists.
    VISUALS: Projections of Clouds on Streamers. Feather Storm.

1:30am - Water

PERFORMANCE: Neptune & the Mermaids. 15 mins then improvisation.
      MUSIC: Improvised vocals over ambient electronic bubbliness that
             will eventually be made to pop by EctoPlasm from ClanAnalogue.
    VISUALS: Sympathetic computer generated images.

3am - Fire

      MUSIC: Doof with ClanAnalogue's PC Posse DeptOfSocialEngineering 
             mixed with a synchronised analogue clan act: Moo. 
             (Hear Moo live, 3RRR, Tue/Wed 20th, 3RRR.)

4:30am - Earth

PERFORMANCE: Mud & Leaf people.
      MUSIC: ClanAnalogue's SS Spanky digitalia accompanied by live 
             keyboard improvisation, didge, percussion, and dance
             by ShortCircuit.

6am - Spirit

PERFORMANCE: Performers unwrap any occupied chrysalids.
      MUSIC: Four crazed vocalists will take to microphones
             and FX and (accompanied by a drum machine) deliver you
             DUFF (DoofUnpluggedFruFx).
             After the spontaneous human doof, 
             Peter Gleeson (ConFest) will lead a completely unplugged
             spontaneous choir that will hopefully involve all present.