SA Incompetence

Report in ABC Press published February 2019.
Client's account drained of thousands of dollars because of
negligent inaction of her Public Trustee estate officer.

SA Corruption

Report in ABC Press published January 2018.
Government Trustee estate officer jailed five years for stealing from deceased clients.

ICAC Recommends Overhaul of Trustee

Report in ABC Press published September 2017.
ICAC recommends overhaul of Trustee office in response to a corruption case.

SA Fraud

Report on The Seven TV Network 6th October 2014.
Public Trustee accounting fraud exposed in a submission to the
Federal Productivity Commission by Chris Jenkinson ( PDF or DOC ).

Subsequently Chris provided this evidence and questions to
the SA Statutory Authorities Review Committee (SARC) who then
requested SA Public Trustee to answer those questions.
The Trustee then lied to them in a contempt of Parliament yet SARC published those lies online
while leaving out Peter's contradictory evidence.
See his detailed comment at the bottom of this FaceBook comment thread.