Once upon a Moontime,
	In a land not far away,
Lived the strangest tribe of people,
	Not like you or me today,

They wore gold rings through their noses,
	And bells upon their toeses,
Known as "The Freaks",
	They all had strange psychoses,

Everybody loved them,
	Though some just didn't know it,
'Cause calling them by names,
	Was the greatest way to show it,

They loved everyone,
	Or weren't too scared to try,
And in their secret dream of dreams,
	They all wished that they could fly.

Now high upon a mountain,
	In a church atop a steeple,
There lived the lonely prophet Zoom,
	Away from all the people,

Up there one day he saw a dream,
	In deepest dark of night,
That made the crazy prophet Zoom,
	Awake with quite a fright,

"Oh my what is this trippy dream,
	A-buzzing in my head?
It says that by tomorrow's dawn,
	The world shall all be dead!"

His word soon spread like wind-fanned fire,
	Across the land and sea,
For he was the greatest prophet Zoom,
	And his name began with Zee!

The people cried, and wondered -Why?
	Deep down not one was bad,
They worried about all kinds of things,
	But most of all felt sad,

In spite of this, the freaks sat down,
	In a circle really tight,
And made a special magic pact,
	To party through the night,

As one they flew up with the birds,
	In the cool and still night air,
And swam the oceans wide and deep,
	With merfolk fun and fair,

They built a fire to praise the sun,
	With masks and costumes worn,
Then to the earth drums stamped their feet,
	And danced and sang 'till dawn.

When daybreak came, the world stood still,
	As frozen as forever,
'Till a lonely wand'ring Albatross,
	Let fall a single feather,

From where it fell, a soft light grooved,
	Like ripples in a puddle,
And where it touched, all life was moved,
	To join in one great cuddle,

The people cried - "We're all freaks too!"
	And sang and danced as one,
The Freaks then knew that this was true,
	And laughed with the rising sun,

"Oh silly me! And all you too!"
	Laughed Zoom from his mount in the morn,
For when I said we'd all be dead,
	I meant to say re-born!

(C) RichArt, 1997