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Bunnings Corporate Jamming - Sat 17th July 1999
...Hit these environmental exploitationists where it hurts: their profits.

SOME PAST UPU EVENTS (and UPU approved events)
j18 Global Anti-Corporate Day - Fri 18th June 1999
...International Culture Jamming & general mayhem with a point.

ReclaimTheStreets - Sat 19th June 1999
...The first one on a Saturday, and in the heart of the city

FREE Talk @RMIT - Mon 14th June 1999
...talk about ElectroAccoustics by designer of 100 speaker system

3D Sounds @STATE FILM CENTRE - Fri 11th to Sun 13th June 1999
...Including *FREE* artist talks

FREE FILMS @EMPRESS - Mon 7th June 1999
...Doco on Mind Control + TexAvery Cartoon + Svengali (1931)

FREE GIG @ACCA - Mon 7th June 1999
...A cerebral musical event with Philip Brophy & Philip Samartzis, and guests.

...Disused industrial site. Beginning with live ambient jams
...working up to tribal, funk then finally doof.

WALKER STREET PARTY - Sat 20th March 1999
...Tribal techno empowering suburbia to reclaim the streets.

FREE BEACH PARTY - Sun 28th February 1999
...Psycorroboree + MUD stage their second beach Doof for 1999.

WESTGATE BRIDGE DOOF - Sat 20th February 1999
...AccessNews + Forest Benefit

WORLD PAPER-BAG DAY - Mon 23rd November
...Protest organised by Friends United in Creative Knowledge of the 
   Faceless Attitudes of Corporate Entities.

CRITICAL MASS - Friday 26th November
...HalfYellow play free outdoor gig.

WORLD BUY-NOTHING DAY - Friday 26th November
...fuck the xmas shopping

HERALD-SUN - Sunday 29th November
...Free gig in disused city site with spectacular accoustics & views.

HYBRID @CONFEST - Sat 2nd January 1999
...Electro-Accoustic workshops, jams, performance. Non-profit.

Tracked for the Undesirable Propagation Unit.