"The problem with computers is there is not enough Africa in them...
 Do you know what a nerd is? 
 A nerd is a human being without enough Africa in him or her."
       -- Brian Eno, May 1995, Wired interview: "Gossip Is Philosophy"

"We talk of uniting different cultures in the name of global harmony;
 it is time we talked of uniting humanity with technology in the name
 of PAN-global harmony. Unfortunately, technology is currently either 
 fetishised or feared. Such is humanity's reaction to exotic cultures."
       -- &flag

handsPanGloBal is Tribal & Eastern drumming/percussion improvised with
techno & funk. Other-world music.

Like the sound of it already?
Then consider tuning in to SystaBB's PlanetaryChaos "EthnoDance" radio show,
Wednesdays 8:30-10pm, 3PBS-fm, 106.7 MHz.

Except for using a drum machine for the more full-on techno sections
(we are teaching the machines about "Africa" :-)
it really doesn't get more live than this:
Experience the tension, the climax, the release.

Electronics - Son of Zev
              Casio CS01, Roland MC303 GrooveBox (Drum Machine)
Electronics - JoVian < ClanAnalogue
              Sequential Circuits Pro One
 Percussion - Anne Harkin  < Short Circuit, Ta'esh Fa'esh
 Percussion - Anita Larkin < Short Circuit, Ta'esh Fa'esh
       Bass - Masayoshi

Upcoming Performances:
  9pm, Fri 7th November 
  @The Stage, 231 Smith St Fitzroy, with...
  * "Roots Santamba" - Gambian Grooves
  * "Adults Only" - Djembe Group
  $8 full, $7 concession

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