Virtual Nation

PaulineHanson's OneNationParty of Australia is widely accused of racism.
The LeftRightOutParty actual views OneNation as being a bit soft in its stance. 

Asian Immigration?
No problem.
If they don't assimilate,
we can gas them too.

"They'll eventually assimilate... be patient and understanding".
They come here for economic reasons. 
They learn English enough to fit into their business plans.
Sure their kids will speak English fluently
but they will still be
racist just like the majority of Asians in Asia
(towards other Asian nationalities, let alone towards whiteys)

Asians will not assimilate until their *chidren's* 
children are in our midst.
Who wants to wait several generations for that to eventuate?

One reason a couple of generations down the track will bring harmony is
because by then there will be mixed blood too;
It is much easier to realate to those that look like us.

Ever tried to make contact with a feral
(without donning dreadlocks yourself)?
Ever been made to feel that you do not work because 
you don't wear a suit or regiment your efforts between nine and five?
Howabout the schoolkid who wears the wrong brand of running shoes?

Whiteys still haven't assimilated into Australian culture 200 years on
so what makes us think that Asians will conform to English culture
within our lifetime?


Authorised by the Undesirable Propagation Unit
for the Left Right Out Party, Australia.