Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal NSW Conflict

I have many grievances regarding the CTTT's performance. Below I list just two of them.

COMPLAINT #1 - Audio Recordings

On 27 April 2011 I submitted a hand-written complaint (complete with technical details)
about 6 CD's for which the CTTT charged me @$24 each with audio ranging from
  1. almost unintelligible
  2. low-fidelity with hum.
The following corresponding audio examples are representative of all six CD's.

Example 1
The following audio is of the first 10 seconds from the first hearing (15 Dec 2010) .

Example 2
The next is 32 seconds from the same hearing, this time from 11 minutes 37 seconds in .

Clearly a teenager sitting in the room with an iPod could have accomplished better
and yet would be routinely refused permission and directed to purchase the CD's instead.
This is not an isolated technical error but a systemic problem because
the hearings were held in different rooms and weeks apart.
A total of $144 in receipts is shown below for this unprofessional service.
As of 26th July 2011 (3 months later!) there has been no response to the complaint.

Application_Form docket_1of3 docket_2of3 docket_3of3

COMPLAINT #2 - Members

In two of the four hearings so far, the CTTT Members presiding behaved in such a way
that puts their suitablility for further involvement in the matter into serious question
as detailed by my formal submission on 17 May 2011 in accordance with section 48 of the CTTT Regulation 2009 .

In summary, between them the two Members