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Each of the following projects (chronologically ordered) link through to free audio/video streams/downloads:

82a Sunday Sessions

In 2018 I committed to helping revive a weekly jam with live musicians which was in hiatus due to the tragic death of its founder. I had dabbled with them a few times four and a half years earlier.


In 2015 after five years of running a meetup group discussing psychology podcasts, I began layering samples of that spoken word over the top of the netpd jams, often making accompanying videos.


As ShareSydney waned I reconnected with Swiss software developer Roman Haefeli on his netpd project having first met in 2006 when I ran netpd a workshop in Sheffield. After running a couple of workshops in Sydney in 2013, we began weekly jams.

Share Sydney

In 2010 after settling from my travels for a few years and having the odd jam in Sydney with a variety of musicians, we finally coalesced into semi-regular open multimedia improvised sessions.

Pump Action Pixels

Late 2009 I began VJ'ing after many painstaking months of developing a system whereby I can DJ and creat visuals simultaneously using the same knob/slider movements.

Smear Champagne

Since 15th June 2008 Karl H May has been travelling 40km from Newcastle about every second weekend for ambient jams with me in Wangi Wangi. It took over a year to settle on a name for our duo. We enjoy spending about as much time chatting as we do playing.


Ambient internet radio station I run 24/7 taking requests from listeners in the chatroom and remixing them. Started this in mid 2008.

DJsqgl - Beats

Since 1999 I have been backpacking through Australasia (and in 2006, Europe) mixing techno as DJ sqgl, working alone but still commitment to a live improvisational approach specialising in mashups. External Site.
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DJsqql - Ambient

Several ambient mixes, most of them quite recent (2008/2009).


Original and collaborative compositions under the pseudonyms of Glomph, Pump Action Pixels and Thong Salad Sound System. Created in years 2000 to 2003.


Back in the mid 90's I (as Mr Squiggle) was part of a trio of imrpovising techno performers Department of Social Engineering (DoSE) in Melbourne. There was no software developed for internet jamming so we just hooked up our computers in the same physical space with MIDI cables. A common appreciation for German electronica shows through.


At the same time (calling myself Oktalz) I was a member of the more organic and ambient signal-to-noise (s2n2s2n), where the emphasis was (like in DoSE) on 100% improvisation although (deliberately) without any electronic synchronisation (hence the organic feel).

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