She would do whatever I wanted her to. I was gonna teach her a lesson though.
I knew she liked it rough. I knew she liked bastards.
OK then, I thought, 

  "On your fucking knees!"

She hesitated, scared of what had come over me;
so I pushed her onto the mattress on the floor,
planting my large frame on her fragile torso
stressing I meant business.
While she was immobile and still dazed I grabbed some nearby scarves.

  "Gotta tie you up, bitch.
   Sluts like you need to be kept in line."

  "What do you want me to do?"

Fear permeated her voice.

  "Shut the fuck up!" he gagged her with the scarf.
   Another scarf for her hands, and one for her feet and she was helpless.

  "So you like it rough, eh?"

Her eyes opened in alarm and she mumbled some unintelligible
incredulity as he pulled a Stanley-knife out of my nearby bag.

  "Shutttt... up!"

and she did, my shove sending her crashing back onto the mattress.
Her moments seemed to last eons as I slowly (deliberately)
manouvered myself between her legs while she stared nervously,
expectantly at the ceiling.
The binding at her ankles held fast and she probably felt no pain as
I tested it further by pushing her knees apart to make room.

Her head lifted in protest when the blade ratchet clicked out of its sheath.
I gave her a look that could kill. Sensibly she returned her head to the bed
and I repositioned himself so that I he was sitting on top of her again
this time with my back to her.

I knew he only needed the blade to cut through her pantyhose which 
wouldn't rip otherwise. The sound of the nylon shredding made her
catch her breath. I knew she had no idea of what he was up to;
Her own thoughts would terrorise much more violently than I could.
Now I had "access" so I threw the knife aside,
simultaeneously turning her violently over onto her stomach.
  "You like a good fuck, don't you whore?
   You just want a big cock ramming your insides. Of course you do.
   You're a slut. You can't get enough when you're on heat you bitch."

I pulled her ponytailed head towards me, piercing her very soul
as I looked into her eyes and demanded:
  "I said ''Your a slut''... You are, aren't you!... AREN'T YOU?!"

She had to nod.

  "OK slut, let's fuck!"

I pushed her head back down, undid my pants, and lifted her bum up 
so that her blood engorged cunt pushed out towards me from between her 
blushing thighs. The conclusion rocked our entire being. 


Created for the Undesirable Propagation Unit.