click for A4 poster size QuietSpace was a series of workshops conducted by Mysta Squiggle in Melbourne, Australia.

It was an exploration of a world without words. Primarily it provides an opportunity for communication without words. It provides an avenue towards a mind-state that is a self-imposed form of insanity which some would compare to shamanism.

Musicians may recognise the logo being based on a one-beat rest.

Of course a path of silence can be the result of disillusionment with
the lies and deception of conversation as explored in the movies 
QuietRoom, and ThePiano (both Australian, by coincidence, like QuietSpace).
Such a path can be a protest but it cannot help become a meditative
exercise which at worst can lead to a philosophical stalemate
and at best to a shamanic state of consciousness. 

The Quiet space is the antithesis of Doof. It first appeared
NewYear 1997/98 as a ConFest village at a time when techno/doof at ConFest
was very controversial (the last full-on doof to date).
Easter ConFest 1998 & NewYear 98/99 it was incorporated in the Hybrid Village.
Even a noisy city nightclub has played host to QuietSpace: 
viz. a room at PsyCoroboree Thursday May 21st 1998. 

QuietSpace is an area set aside for the REAL MUSICIANS out there:
those who believe that words are innefficent and clumsy for communication.
QuietSpace is not necessarily silence - merely no words.
This is achieved primarily through Formal workshops.

Those wishing to express themselves through whistles and squawks or
whatever are free to do so (Hello Spontaneous Choir :).

It will hopefully make it easier, outside the QuietSpace, 
to listen to English conversation as music rather than words and syntax.

Many people object to generalisations.
The English dictionary is nothing but a catalogue of generalisations.
If you really object to generalisations, consider ridding yourself of words.
Experience real communication. Experience Quiet Space.

The lyrics of UltraVox's QuietMen
and of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence are recommended reading.

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