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Inspired by Mr Squiggle, New Window an old Australian kids TV show that used to create pictures
out of abstract doodles that viewers would send in. My DJ style is similar in concept.

I have always been interested in pushing consumer technology to its limits which is why
am riding the Controllerism wave specialising in live improvised mashups.
Since I'm unaware of anyone else doing this I would appreciate an email if you know of someone else.

The technology is there so it is just a matter of time before others follow suit although
there are now so man y different possible approaches to music-technology that
there is probably a unique niche for every musician on the planet.

Lately I've been combining VJ'ing with my DJ'ing, but have yet to produce a demo video
that does this concept justice because capturing video on the laptop while expecting it
to generate visuals and DJ without audio glitches is demanding on the CPU to say the least.
There is an old ambient video on this website that kind of shows the process but
I had not tweaked my rig at that point to make the association between the visuals and the audio tighter.


Go to for other music projects I have been involved in.
2004 September, Sydney, Australia
FBi FM Radio Feature Artist New Window
Short Bio and (reluctant) photo of me in Varanassi, India.
2004 November, Koh Tao, South Thailand
Venus Park, is an amazing permanent outdoor party site on the island of Koh Tao.
2004 December Pai, North Thailand
DidjWave was improv gig with local (expat) didge & djembe musos.
2005 December, Canberra, Australia
Debauchery is an annual ritual... year 6 was only the crew and with more debauchery than dancing. Sick!
2006 January, Melbourne, Australia
Bangas'n'Mash with fellow mashup heads Mickey, Simon and VJ Dom.
2006, September 28th, Sheffield, England
Pingdom was a project where (rather than DJ) I spent a week setting up linux internet jam session and software demonstration. Click image for more info, (public-domain) software, mp3, jpg, avi's.


From Jan 2007 I have been based at Wangi Wangi (between Sydney & Newcastle Australia) recording. Will finally hit the road again in August 2011 back to Southern India.

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