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I also VJ using custom mapped MIDI controllers that simultaneously control video & audio with the same mixer tweaks.
The idea is to help listeners understand the DJ process by associating audio manipulation with visuals as well as providing eye candy at gigs.

Tutorials on this page also help listeners follow the process as well as understand digital DJ'ing in general.

A big thanks goes to the developers of the Windows utilities
  • Midi-Ox - Reshaping and mapping MIDI sent to Traktor DJ app and Arkaos VJ app
  • Virtual Midi Controller - Turning the QWERTY keyboard into MIDI messages (complete with CTRL & SHIFT combinations)

    STAPESTRY - Animalady

    Electronica combining spoken word and a netpd jam (with Roman Haefeli aka Reduzent in Zurich).

    STAPESTRY - Augmentative & Alternative

    Dubby minimal techno combining spoken word and a netpd jam (with Roman Haefeli aka Reduzent in Zurich).


    It combines themes of the London riots, 2012 Olympics (which have only ever made a profit for host cities LA & Sydney), and the Murdoch scandal.
    You can download it from the songs page where you can also hear the source tracks used.

    Collaborative Performance in Austria

    2012 gig collaborating with a talented VJ and dancers at an audio-visual festival/conference.
    This footage is taken from my camera but the official video should be coming soon.

    DEAD CAN DANCE - Saltarello F.U.B.A.R.

    DJ & VJ mixing done live, simultaneously, using Traktor Scratch Pro v1.2.4 and Arkaos VJ v3.6.1
    (the liveness being why visuals are slow to go change at the start).

    Byzantine iconography by Brendan O'Dowd remixed by VJ sqgl.
    Music is "Il Saltarello Della Pioggia (Rain Saltarello)" from the same period of the same empire (13th Century tune from Naples)
    remixed by DJ sqgl. Honouring the "Angels of Byzantium" Exhibition, Tap Gallery, Sydney 29/3/2010 - 04/04/2010.

    Some of you may recognise the "Saltarello" as one of the songs covered by Gothic band Dead Can Dance during their Renaissance phase.

    KYLIE vs MADONNA vs KRAFTWERK - Slow Europe, My Love

    2012 tutorial/remix created live in Traktor Pro v2.1.2 Recorded in realtime.
    The automation is created on the fly too.
    To understand the point, you will need to watch this directly on youtube in high resolution.
    The audio itself is on the sloppy side but good enough to demonstrate the system I have just finished developing.

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